Monday, November 19, 2018

TECH NEWS SPACE presents its contributors information for the purpose of accountability and transparency to all the contents published on the website. All contributors are professional journalists with years of expertise on their chosen field. Please be reminded, that all phone numbers are routing digits to protect the privacy of each contributor. However, TECH NEWS SPACE and its management guarantees that all information provided herein are true.

Andy received his journalism degree from the University of Leeds. He started his online journalism career back in 2015, where he contributed to an independent news blog as the lead contributor and editor. Andy fancy covering current news and online trends. In his spare time, he enjoys reading the latest tech and gadget topics.
Bryan is a freelance blogger and journalist. His expertise ranges from the latest technology innovation to the current healthcare issues that need focus and attention for the understanding of the public.
Louella is a professional journalist, contributing to multiple independent news blogs since 2015. She received her degree from the London School of Journalism and had been focusing on the major impacts of business and industrial ventures to the lives of every citizen. In her spare time, she works as a small-time business strategist.
Nathan is a business journalist and an entrepreneur. He had served some publications in the past as a freelance contributor and feature editor. Currently, Nathan's focus is on expanding its newly established social group, aiming to reach out to entrepreneurship and mentoring.